United Nations Staff Officers Course (UNSOC)

Course Program is focused on the main features of the UN integrated mission functioning and the Military Component Planning Process (MCPP).

The aim of the course is to train officers of the Serbian Armed Forces for staff duties in UN Peacekeeping Operations, in accordance with the UN standards and procedures. The course is also intended for civilian personnel who aim to acquire better knowledge and understanding of UN integrated missions structure and functioning.

Course Program is focused on the main features of the UN integrated mission functioning and the Military Component Planning Process (MCPP). The course builds on the knowledge acquired in the Peacekeeping Operations Basic Course with the addition of topics specific to UN Staff Officers duties and tasks.


  • Introduction to UN Peacekeeping Operations.
  • Legal framework for UN Peacekeeping Operations.
  • UN Peacekeeping Operations functioning, with special reference to UN integrated missions.
  • Main features and aspects of working in a UN mission – Cooperation with IOs/GOs/NGOs, Civil-military coordination, Cultural differences and challenges, Gender issues, Cooperation with UNPOL and UNMOs, Media awareness and dealing with media in the field.
  • Basic skills: map reading and radio voice procedures.
  • UN integrated mission organization, joint/integrated structures, staff (HQ) structure; staff duties and procedures.
  • Introduction to Integrated Mission Planning Process (IMPP).
  • Introduction to Military Component Planning Process (MCPP).
  • Integrated Staff Exercise (INSTEX).

Student Criteria

  • Officers (OF-2 to OF-3) and civilian personnel from Ministry of Interior, Faculty of Security Studies and Faculty of Political Science.
  • Language proficiency: English (STANAG 6001), 2222. No additional training or translation will be provided.
  • For military participants, previous training and experience from national military staff positions are preferred.

Course Language


Number of Parcipitans

Up to 30

Foreign Parcipitants

Course is open to all partner countries for participation.

Course Fee

There is no course fee. The Serbian MoD covers the expenses of accommodation, meals and tuition. International transportation and other costs related to foreign student's travel to Serbia are sending country's responsibility. PKOC will provide transportation from Belgrade airport/train/bus main station to PKOC facility. 

Necessary Documents and Other

  • Application
  • CV 
  • UN Core Pre-Deployment Training Materials (UN CPTMs)
  • Handbook on United Nations Multidimensional Peacekeeping Operations


Three weeks


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