Guards Uniform

Serbian Armed Forces Guard members have a special and distinctive dress uniform of blue cloth, which differ in details for officers and soldiers.

The Guard uniform was modified a few times between the two wars by the King’s Guard Decree on uniforms of land forces. Instead so called “atila”, a dark blue one called “milanka” was introduced, and in 1933 artillery got brown “milanka” and all the other services had dark green jacket by the King’s Guard Decree on uniform. Kalpak was of black astrakhan with the royal monogram and red baize at the top.

The royal Guard ceremonial uniform of the King's Guard of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia consisted of a kalpak (a high-crowned cap), a blouse, dolman breeches pants, boots, shoes, a sash, white gloves and a sword.

The Guard Brigade got its first postwar uniforms in October 1946. They were olive gray, woolen jackets waist-to-chin buttoned. Military hats were with red ribbons, and there were red baize braids on the shoulder loops. The boots were with wide bootlegs, white linen ankle boots and leather belt with a metal buckle. 

Since 1953 the military uniform has been modified and a tie has been added in the colour of the uniform. Next year the uniform was modified again and it was special (and recognizable) ceremonial uniform of blue cloth (a light blue jacket, a coat and a hat, dark blue trousers with wide red lampas and red, silk and gold aiguillette) which was different in some details depending on whether it was for officers or soldiers. For superiors, a sash was embroidered with yellow thread and a buckle on which the state coat of arms was imprinted, while the military kit contained a leather belt with a buckle and a five-pointed star.

On 20th July 1954 they were giving honours for the first time in new uniforms when Ethiopian sovereign Haile Selassie was in an official visit.