Guard-Representative Orchestra

The specificity of the Guard is its military orchestra, which has been its part since the establishment. Apart from performing the tasks of the military and state protocol, they have actively participated in the development of our people’s culture as well.

In spring 1831 “The Serbian Prince’s Orchestra” became a part of the Prince’s Guard. The chief of the Orchestra was abandmaster Josip Slezinger who was sent to Kragujevac by his brother Jevrem, the chief of the Sabac administrative centre, all together with his band and instruments to serve Prince Milos. 

Dressed in ornate uniforms, the orchestra musicians played during the plays in the theatre of Prince of Serbia – Joakim Vujic. During that period the Serbian Newspapers used to publish the articles in which they compared the orchestra with the most experienced European bands. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, Stanislav Binički founded the "Royal Guard" band. It was the only professional band at that time in Serbia. Almost all current professional ensembles developed from that band.

During almost two centuries of existence, the Guard orchestra has participated in almost all main events of modern Serbian state and has gained international fame. It has been awarded many times and it gained international fame performing in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Toulon, Bordeaux and Montauban. The orchestra was invited by French Government. They also performed at the Olympic Games in Sarajevo in 1984 and for that purpose they recorded the anthems of all participating countries. 

The Representative Guard Orchestra has been performing successfully so far and it has been engaged in giving military honours, but it also has independent performances both in Serbia and abroad where it has earned a good reputation and respect.