Outstanding Competence for Anti-Armour Warfare

Friday, 28.10.2022 | Training
As part of the active phase of Joint Exercise "Maneuvers 2022", SAF units armed with the "Kornet" anti-armour missile systems are undergoing intensive training for using this asset in combat.

The training takes several days during which the "Kornet" battle crews refine the tactics and execute live firing so as to improve further their competence for anti-armour warfare and gain trust in the reliability and firepower of this modern system.

The results of the live firing indicate that the battle crews are perfectly skilled in delivering precise and efficient fire on the assigned targets and prepared for waging a successful anti-armour warfare during defensive and offensive operations of the Serbian Armed Forces. 

The anti-armour missile system "Kornet" is one of the best state-of-the-art systems intended for anti-tank and other types of anti-armour warfare, and can also be used to destroy helicopters and fortified facilities. It has optical and thermal sights which enable target detection and tracking at night and in restricted visibility, engaging targets with anti-armor and thermobaric guided missiles.

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