Training for Driving All-Terrain Vehicles in Peacekeeping Operations

Tuesday, 20.6.2023 | Training
Members of the Serbian Armed Forces who are preparing for the duties of motor vehicle drivers in the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon are undergoing additional driving training at a specialized field training area this week. 

The aim of the training, which is conducted in the Serbian Armed Forces Traffic Service Training Battalion in Kraljevo, is for military drivers to acquire the skills to safely operate light off-road motor vehicles on difficult terrain and to master the maintenance of accompanying devices and systems.

In the first part of the training, theoretical and driving training on public roads was carried out, and now the most demanding part of the training is underway – driving a vehicle in off-road conditions on a training ground built according to the United Nations standards and based on the experience of members of the Serbian Armed Forces from peacekeeping operations. By overcoming the demanding forest path and various natural and artificial obstacles in the training area, military drivers master driving techniques even in the most difficult situations, in which both their driving skills and the vehicle's technical capabilities are put to the test.

The skills acquired at the Traffic Service Training Battalion will be of invaluable benefit to them in Lebanon, as they will often have the opportunity to operate motor vehicles outside of established road communications due to the nature of the tasks our contingent carries out in the area of operations. In addition to drivers, members of the Serbian Armed Forces who are deployed in peacekeeping operations as military observers and staff officers undergo additional training for driving off-road vehicles. 

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