Ceremony on the Occasion of the Day of MP Detachment Cobra and the Presentation of the Military Flag to the Unit

Sunday, 14.4.2024 | Stories from Units
The supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic Aleksandar Vučić attended today a military ceremony on the occasion of the Day of the Military Police detachment of the special purpose "Cobras" and presented a military flag to the unit commander, Colonel Darko Đošić.

The ceremony, held in the "Vasa Čarapić" barracks in Belgrade, was attended by the Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević and Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović.

Addressing the audience, President Vučić pointed out that it is a great honor for him to attend today's ceremony and to present, decided by a presidential decision, the detachment with a military flag that they deserved with professionalism, discipline, diligence, dedication, but above all their love for the homeland.

— I told Colonel Đošić that that flag must never fall into enemy’s hands, as well as not even an inch of our country Serbia. The best and the biggest guarantor that this will not happen is your and other units of the Serbian Armed Forces.Today, it is not easy to be a member of the Armed Forces, a member of the "Cobras" unit, those who are silent but murderous, those who say little but do much. It's not easy, because our country is in the middle of a geopolitical vortex, without its fault, and pressed more strongly than ever by many who would fragment the territory, those who would like to find the culprits for their mistakes in Serbia - said the President of the Republic and added that it would not be easier and therefore it is necessary to strengthen our army, to invest excessively in protection of our sovereignty, because that is the only way we can deter those who would want the destruction of Serbia. According to him, they put us in the corner, forced  to protect what we have — our homeland, our Serbia and added that this is why it is important to work even harder.

Addressing the members of "Cobras", the President of Serbia said that the buildings in the "Vasa Čarapić" barracks will soon be replaced by new ones after 46 years since its founding.

— The salaries of soldiers in our country will be higher, you will be able to support your families, to guarantee security to them, but you are required to answer any call of the motherland. And there is no "it’s difficult", because I will not hear of it. In December 2022, when we expected an attack on our people on Kosovo and Metohija and when we asked for the engagement of each of our soldiers, the only unit in Serbia that responded 100% was "Cobras". Thank you for never making it difficult for you to be the first in the line to defend and put your lives at the disposal of the motherland. We'll do our best so you don't have to do that in the future, but you know very well what your calling is and what you should do if your motherland calls you — said President Vučić.

President Vučić thanked the "Cobras" for their seriousness and responsibility, but also care and diligence that they invest in their work, all the extra mile they pushed and asked them to always be at the disposal of their only homeland Serbia.

— Thank you very much for the love you have shown, which you constantly show and which you will always give to our country. Congratulations on the military flag. May you carry it with pride and never hand it over to anyone. Long live Cobras! Long live Serbia - concluded the President of the Republic.

Addressing the audience, the "Cobras" commander, Colonel Đošić, said that thanks to the state authority the Serbian Armed Forces after 30 years posseses modern means and equipment, weapons and technology. He pointed out that special care is taken about the financial security of the SAF members by efficient housing policy and income at the highest level.

He said that a name is a sign and that you are what your name is, and added that to be a member of the "Cobras" is a privilege of only a few.

— That is why our responsibility is enormous in the execution of the most important task, maintaining the security of Serbia and all its citizens. Wearing a uniform with a badge "Cobras" at the disposal of our country, without thinking, we put at stake the most valuable thing we have, our life. After 46 years, we were shown the greatest of all honors, we have been awarded the greatest military shrine, the military flag. It reminds us of the oath given to Serbia and it will be from today everywhere with us. With its award, we get the status we deserve and this ceremonial act becomes a historic day for our detachment. I'm sure we will continue to be determined, honorable, responsible and worthy of the sanctity assigned today — said Colonel Djosic.

Today's ceremony was attended by ministers in the Government of Serbia, MPs in the National Assembly, members of the Cabinet of the Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff, representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, religious communities and veterans of the unit.

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