Training of Soldiers for Recce and MP Duties

Wednesday, 13.12.2023 | Training
Specialist training of soldiers performing military service in the Class of September 2023 for reconnaissance and Military Police specialties is ongoing in the ”General Pavle Jurišić Šturm” barracks in Požarevac.

The individual training of these soldiers lasts a month longer than the training that most soldiers undergo during military service, due to the specificity and complexity of the tasks performed by reconnaissance and Military Police personnel in the Serbian Armed Forces.

The emphasis in the reconnaissance training is on practising reconnaissance patrol procedures when observing the battlefield and collecting intelligence data, training for orientation and movement ”on the map” in unknown terrain, and the execution of firing from infantry weapons and exercises with mines and explosive devices.

Along with them, military policemen are being trained to exercise the Military Police powers when stopping and checking persons, then to combat crime, control and maintain military order and discipline, to regulate and control military road traffic and secure persons, important military facilities and weapons.

Upon completion of individual specialist training, the objective is that soldiers of both reconnaissance and Military Police specialties are competent to implement the acquired knowledge and skills and use weapons and equipment that are used in the appropriate units of the Serbian Armed Forces.

The soldiers are highly motivated to successfully master all the contents of the training, and many of them, as expected, after the completion of their military service, will become a part of the professional personnel of the Serbian Armed Forces on duty in reconnaissance and Military Police units, and they can immediately apply for it.

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