Day of 63rd Parachute Brigade and Military Paratroopers

Saturday, 14.10.2023 | Culture and traditions
A military ceremony on the occasion of the Day of the 63rd Parachute Brigade and Day of Military Paratroopers has been held at the “Sergeant Pilot Mihajlo Petrović” Military Airfield in Niš today.

In front of the ceremonial parade of unit members, congratulations were read, the results of work in the recent period were summarized, and the most distinguished individuals were presented with awards and commendations.

Looking back on the year behind us, it has been pointed out that paratroopers of the 63rd Parachute Brigade successfully carried out all assigned tasks, showing excellent skills, high morale, dedication and professionalism, thereby confirming that this Brigade rightfully enjoys the status of an elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces.

The ceremony ended with laying wreaths at the memorial to the fallen members of the Brigade and paratroopers’ performing a jump while carrying flags of the Republic of Serbia, Serbian Armed Forces and 63rd Parachute Brigade.

The gathering was attended by representatives of the General Staff and units of the Serbian Armed Forces, former commanders of the Brigade, representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church, local government bodies, Ministry of Internal Affairs, veterans' associations and institutions with which the unit cooperates.

Members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade have also celebrated the Saint Patron’s Day today - the Shroud of the Holy Mother of God, which has been celebrated in this unit since 2002.

Day of the 63rd Parachute Brigade and Day of Military Paratroopers are marked in memory of 14 October 1944, the day when the First Parachute Battalion of the People's Liberation Army of Yugoslavia was formed at a military base near Bari in Italy.

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