Serbian Armed Forces Day

Tuesday, 23.4.2024 | Culture and traditions
Today, at commands, units and establishments of the Serbian Armed Forces, the Serbian Armed Forces Day - 23 April was marked with special gatherings, formations of units and laying of wreaths, in memory of the day when the Second Serbian Uprising took place on Palm Sunday in 1815. 

The central event on the occasion of the greatest military holiday was a gathering at the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, where the results of the work of the Serbian Armed Forces in the year behind us were summarized and awards and recognitions presented to the most distinguished individuals.

The meeting, which was hosted by Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff General Milan Mojsilović, was attended by Minister of Defense Miloš Vučević.

In his speech, General Mojsilović has pointed out that a significant step forward has been made over the past year in building capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces and expressed his belief that, relying on our own forces and with the firm support of the state leadership, we will continue to follow the path of accelerated strengthening and development in all segments.

— Today, the Serbian Armed Forces are specially organized, trained and equipped to confront successfully modern security risks and threats in carrying out their combat and non-combat tasks, determined by the Defense Strategy and military doctrine, General Mojsilović concluded.

On this occasion, the Chief of the General Staff presented Defense Minister Miloš Vučević with the Golden Plaque of the Serbian Armed Forces for his exceptional contribution to the development of capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces.

The gathering was attended by members of the collegiums of the Minister of Defense and Chief of the General Staff, officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians employed at the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff and other distinguished visitors.

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