63rd Parachute Brigade Members Receive Wind Tunnel Training

Tuesday, 12.9.2023 | Training
The 63rd Parachute Brigade members who are undergoing advanced forms of military paratrooper training were in Prague last week for wind tunnel training.

This was the second time this type of training was conducted in the Czech Republic. What makes it particularly important is safety, saving material resources and shortening the time needed for advanced paratrooper training which aims to develop paratrooper skills in performing free fall jumps with special wing-type parachutes, with weapons and equipment and on small terrains.

The focus was on mastering free fall elements and training in performing jumps with cargo bags, that is, weapons and military equipment. Each SAF paratrooper spent in the wind tunnel the time equivalent to the free fall during 50 training jumps from an aircraft at 4000 meters.

The knowledge and skills the 63rd Parachute Brigade members obtained in the wind tunnel and experience they shared with their colleagues from the Czech Republic will be highly useful for their future work, while doing parachute jumps and training young paratroopers.

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