Tactical Training of Army Scouts

Tuesday, 22.11.2022 | Training
Members of the 1st Army Brigade reconnaissance units have recently undergone various contents of tactical training in special actions outside their peacetime dispositions.

This is an important segment of training conducted throughout the year in reconnaissance units so as to preserve and enhance professional members' skills in performing specific tasks they are intended for. 

During the exercise activities which take several days, in different weather conditions and complex terrain, the scouts have practiced tactical actions and procedures in observation and data gathering, as well as organizing scout patrols, surprise raids and ambushes. 

The reconnaissance units' routine training is diverse and demanding so as to train the scouts to respond promptly and efficiently in situations they could encounter while performing tasks deep within enemy disposition. That is the best way to maintain a high level of physical fitness and mental stability, as well as their ability to resolve successfully the most difficult situations.

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