Training in 1st Army Brigade Mechanized Units

Monday, 16.5.2022 | Training
Soldiers performing their military service as of December 2021 intake are currently going through intensive training in the 1st Army Brigade Mechanized Battalion in Bačka Topola alongside professional soldiers who are receiving their additional training.

This is a routine training for crews to execute collective assignments using the infantry fighting vehicle M-80A. It is intended for soldiers on their military service and professional soldiers recently admitted to the unit.

Having completed successfully theoretical lessons and training with the use of trainers, soldiers performing the duties of gunners and drivers of this fighting vehicle use the barrack’s training grounds to practice tactical actions and procedures needed for conducting live firing. In order to have soldiers fully trained in performing their duties, the training involves refining the techniques of operating the fighting vehicles in different conditions. As the training continues, firing practices and live firing will be carried out from the armored units’ weapons to examine practically the soldiers’ abilities to perform fire missions. 

Throughout the year, soldiers who are doing their military service undergo their training in the Brigade along with professional soldiers. Through additional training delivered routinely in all SAF units, professional soldiers are prepared for higher duties within their branches/services, increasing the overall abilities of the unit.

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