Soldiers of Telecommunication Service Attend Training

Friday, 29.4.2022 | Training
Soldiers who have been doing their military service as part of the December 2021 intake are currently undergoing their collective training in the Signal Brigade units. Soldiers are being trained in performing special duties of the SAF telecommunication service.

In this unit, soldiers learn how to carry out collective assignments of signal units concerned with radio-telegraphy, radio-relay communications and roles of radio-telephone operators.

The training is delivered in special study rooms providing conditions for practical work on modern devices and systems, but also in the field conditions with the focus on practicing actions and procedures in establishing field radios and checking the quality of lines in the planned radio networks.

The soldiers look highly motivated during the training activities and are largely willing to become professional soldiers of the Serbian Armed Forces when they complete their military service. Those who decide to become part of the Signal Brigade will be tasked with providing uninterrupted functioning of the telecommunication and information system in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces.

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