Exercise “Joint Fire 2024”

Thursday, 16.5.2024 | Training
This week, participants in the General Staff Course and Command and Staff Course of the National Defense School “Field Marshal Radomir Putnik” are conducting an exercise at the Serbian Armed Forces’ Simulation Training Center.

Exercise “Joint Fire 2024” involves forming the commands of the operational group and subordinate units, within which participants in these professional development courses train to plan and execute operations from various command and staff positions.

Members of the Simulation Training Center have provided conditions for conducting the exercise and participated in preparing and executing the scenario which gives officers an opportunity to develop critical thinking and gain experience in proposing the use of units.

The focus is on perfecting staff procedures in the process of making military decisions, establishing interoperability and cooperation, and commanding and controlling forces in the area of operation, while analyzing on a daily basis the quality of staff work and decisions made at all levels of command.

The exercise also tests their knowledge of the principles behind the use of forces on operations and organization of cooperation with MOI units, Red Cross and other civilian factors.

Computer-assisted simulation exercises represent an important form of practical training of commands in the Serbian Armed Forces, since they are an opportunity for staff officers and commands to train the planning and execution of combat operations using minimum amount of material resources.

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