Competition of Military Police Units

Friday, 24.5.2024 | Stories from Units
The annual competition of MP units, established in 2021, has been held at the training grounds of the Serbian Armed Forces “Beranovac” and “Žiča” in the vicinity of Kraljevo this week.

Six teams from the Serbian Armed Forces and three ones from the Ministry of Internal Affairs competed in this year’s competition. The overall winner was the team of the Special Operations Battalion “Falcons”, ahead of the teams of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit and Special Purpose MP Detachment “Cobras”.

Carrying out various tasks during five competitive days, members of the military and police units put into action their training skills, tactical skills, fire abilities and psychophysical endurance.

In the first two phases, at the “Žiča” shooting range, the competitors carried out firing tasks individually and as part of a patrol, with the application of tactical actions and compliance with safety measures.  In the final two stages, held at the “Beranovac” training ground, they performed tactical tasks on the patrol track and competed in a 10-kilometer team race with natural and artificial obstacles.

The competition of MP units takes place once a year and represents a unique platform for sports competition, demonstration of skills, exchange of ideas and improvement of cooperation between members of the military and police units.

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