Collective Training in CBRN Unit of Serbian Armed Forces

Friday, 23.2.2024 | Training
At the “Car Lazar” Barracks and “Ravnjak” Military Complex in Kruševac, members of the 246th CBRN Battalion are being trained to carry out decontamination in the conditions in which weapons of mass destruction are used.

This training is part of professional staff’s collective winter training; it is intended for all battalion members so that they could achieve competence in providing CBRN security for the Serbian Armed Forces’ units.

During this training-ground phase, the unit members practice actions and procedures during decontamination of people, facilities, land and materiel.

The training process involves using the insulating equipment that provides complete protection of personnel while working with contaminants and means of detection, dosimetry and decontamination, the most important being the modern domestically produced multi-functional mobile decontamination platform - MPD-09.

Continuous training of serving personnel results in the 246th CBRN Battalion’s high proficiency in performing CBRN tasks in all three missions of the Serbian Armed Forces, as well as its readiness for rapid response whenever the circumstances call for it.

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