SAF Infantry Company Trained for Peacekeeping Operation

Monday, 8.8.2022 | Training
In the "South" base and at the "Borovac" training ground near Bujanovac, there is an ongoing collective training of a SAF infantry company preparing for deployment in the UN peacekeeping operation in Lebanon.

After completing the individual training, members of the infantry company are undergoing comprehensive training at the Multinational Operations Training Centre in order to reach the required level of readiness for performing tasks typical for international environment.

The training program includes practicing tactics, techniques and procedures for performing tasks in the area of operation, such as mass gatherings control, checkpoints establishment, foot and combined patrols implementation, evacuation of the wounded and injured and procedures in case of encountering unexploded explosive ordnance.

Upon completing this phase of training, the infantry company staff will take part in a tactical exercise, where their competence and interoperability of the unit for deployment in the peacekeeping operation will be evaluated.

The Serbian Armed Forces have been deploying an infantry company-level unit in the UN peacekeeping operation in Lebanon since 2013, and currently our staff officers, a force protection platoon and a national support element are in the area of operation.

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