Winter Training with Modern Missile Systems

Tuesday, 5.12.2023 | Training
Collective training of the crews of the digitalized M-17 128mm self-propelled multiple launch rocket systems “Oganj” is underway at training and exercise areas in Sremska Mitrovica and its surroundings.

This is regular winter training in using this modern system in combat, conducted in the 1st Army Brigade’s missile battalion with the aim of sustaining combat readiness.

Having completed individual training successfully, service personnel, made up of soldiers-crews, squad, platoon and battery commanders, go through collective training to improve the “Oganj” battery’s capabilities to provide artillery-missile support to the Army maneuver units on combat operations.

In this period the focus is on tactical training and practicing firing procedures, from the unit on the move, scouting and gun emplacement in accordance with the principles of use, data calculation and fire correction, to the work of the unit at the missile position after firing.

The digitized M-17 128mm self-propelled MLRS “Oganj” is a modern artillery system intended for delivering sudden and concentrated artillery fire against large targets, and its introduction into the armament of the Serbian Armed Forces significantly improved the units’ fire capabilities to provide reliable, prompt and accurate fire support on combat operations.

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