Signal Brigade Units on Mobile Camping

Monday, 23.5.2022 | Training
Soldiers of December 2021 intake, who have been completing their specialized training and six-month military service in the Signal Brigade, are on their mobile camping. It lasts for several days during which they learn, alongside professional members, how to master the skills in performing efficiently the specific roles of their unit.

While on their mobile camping, soldiers are trained in setting up mobile telecommunication centers at command posts, establishing and maintaining different signals and organizing the life and work in the field conditions.

All actions are being graded and executed in daytime and nighttime conditions alike. The results show that the soldiers have begun with their exercise activities in a professional manner and undergone successfully theoretical training in study rooms and classrooms.

Except for training the soldiers who are completing their military service, the purpose of the mobile camping performed in real space and time is to improve the abilities of the unit for planning and performing the tasks such as telecommunication and information securing of operations / strategic commands, which plays a pivotal role in commanding SAF efficiently.  

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