Training of Soldiers of Telecommunications Service

Monday, 31.7.2023 | Training
In the Signal Brigade’s units, professional and specialist training is underway for soldiers of the “March 2023” intake who are performing the second part of their military service with this component of the Serbian Armed Forces.

These are soldiers of the telecommunications service, who, having completed successfully individual training at the Training Command Centers, are being trained in the Signal Brigade to perform collective tasks as operators of radio teleprinters, radio-relay links, and telephone lines.

Training is carried out with modern telecommunications devices and systems, in specially equipped study rooms and field conditions. The goal is to train soldiers to execute collective tasks, in line with the purpose of the unit, primarily to set up elements of telecommunication stations and check the quality of signals in the planned radio networks.

Soldiers who would like to join the ranks of the Serbian Armed Forces’ professional members can apply for it during their military service, and, as experience shows us, many soldiers of the telecommunications service of this class will get their employment exactly in the Signal Brigade, where they will perform responsible duties relevant to the uninterrupted functioning of the telecommunications and information system in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces.

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