Scout Training with Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicles

Monday, 11.12.2023 | Training
In the Army brigades’ reconnaissance companies, intensive training is in progress with multi-purpose high-mobility wheeled vehicles with which these units have been equipped recently.

These are popular “Humvees”, which are now also used in the Army brigades’ reconnaissance companies, in addition to special force and some of the other SAF units.

Training is carried out in field conditions, and the goal is to train the professional staff fully for using this vehicle in combat while performing intended tasks in providing intelligence support to forces on operations.

The scouts first went through theoretical contents, mastered handling and maintaining vehicle systems and subsystems and learnt the techniques of driving in off-road conditions, and are now practicing tactical actions and procedures at the SAF training grounds.

The combat vehicles have the capacity to transport up to four soldiers with ballistic equipment and are armed with a domestically manufactured 12.7 mm M-87 heavy machine gun, characterized by high penetrating power, firing rate of up to 700 rounds per minute and maximum effective range of 1,500 meters.

Except for these vehicles, the reconnaissance companies are also equipped with new unmanned aerial vehicles, multi-purpose observation devices, ballistic equipment and a wide range of weapons, and training is carried out in the units on a daily basis, which all together guarantees excellent proficiency and high combat readiness for action in all terrain, weather and tactical conditions.

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