Tour of Central Logistics Base and Military Geographical Institute

Tuesday, 20.2.2024 | Stories from Units
Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff Lieutenant General Želimir Glišović has visited the Headquarters of the Central Logistic Base and the Military Geographical Institute “General Stevan Bošković” in Belgrade today.

During the inspection, he could gain a direct insight into the state of affairs in these components of the Serbian Armed Forces, how the life and work are organized and the extent to which priority tasks have been fulfilled.

On this occasion, he was briefed on the state and capabilities of the largest logistics unit in the Serbian Armed Forces, the level of stocks for the requirements of barracks and other units - ordnance, propellant, quartermaster assets and other - implementation of logistics functional tasks and measures taken to store, preserve and maintain the resources to the highest standards in this area.

At the Military Geographical Institute, General Glišović was presented with the facilities for the production of cartographic, graphic, photographic and textual-numerical products in digital and printed form, the latest achievements and current projects, as well as plans for the implementation of the Institute's geo-portal on the internal network of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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