Marking Rasina Brigade Day

Friday, 22.9.2023 | Culture and traditions
A military ceremony has been held at the “Car Lazar” Barracks in Kruševac today on the occasion of the Day of the Rasina Brigade, in memory of 23 September 1981, when the heroic 125th Motorized Brigade of the Yugoslav Armed Forces was formed, whose traditions are continued by this Training Command unit.

At the ceremony, results of the Brigade's work in the year behind us were summarized and awards were presented to the most successful individuals, as well as certificates of appreciation to the local government bodies and businesses with which the unit largely cooperated.

Celebration of the holiday was an opportunity to emphasize the professionalism and dedication of members of the Rasina Brigade in the implementation of all assigned tasks, which contributed to the improvement of capabilities of the Training Command and Serbian Armed Forces on the whole.

As part of the Brigade’s Day celebration, wreaths were laid at the Monument to Defenders of the Fatherland at the “Rasina” Barracks in Kruševac.

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