Study Visit to Serbian Armed Forces General Staff

Wednesday, 8.2.2023 | Stories from Units
Attenders of the General Staff College, National Defence School "Field Marshal Radomir Putnik" (66th class) have paid a study visit to the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff today.

The visit was part of a study trip taken by the officers attending the Military Strategy Course in order to familiarize themselves at this level of their career development with the place and role of the SAF General Staff in the defence system, as well as the functions and tasks it performs. 

Head of the Operations Directorate (J-3) Lieutenant General Želimir Glišović took the opportunity to brief the participants on the SAF’s contribution to security building, employment planning and perspectives on capability development, and there were also representatives from the Development and Equipment Directorate (J-5) and Training and Doctrine Directorate (J-7), Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, who made an address.

The General Staff College represents the third level of Special Officer Training Programs the University of Defence provides to its participants in preparation for their highest command and leadership duties in the defence system.

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