Staff-Level Talks on Cooperation between Air Forces of Serbia and Greece

Thursday, 14.3.2024 | International Co-operation
A delegation of the Hellenic Armed Forces has paid an official visit to Serbian Air Force and Air Defense this week in order to conduct staff-level talks on the cooperation of the two countries’ air forces.

The three-day visit was an opportunity to explore the possibilities of improving cooperation in the areas of mutual interest, keeping the focus on the activities that could make a specific contribution to strengthening operational capabilities of the armed forces.

In this context, it has been concluded that there is room for establishing and developing relations between the air forces of Serbia and Greece, primarily by aviation units and SAR forces executing joint activities.

Cooperation with the Hellenic Armed Forces is also maintained in other areas of mutual interest, to the benefit and satisfaction of both sides, which represents the Serbian Armed Forces’ contribution to developing the overall bilateral relations between the two traditionally friendly countries.

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