Day of 72nd Special Operations Brigade

Saturday, 27.1.2024 | Culture and traditions
A military ceremony has been held at the “Rastko Nemanjić” Barracks in Pančevo today on the occasion of the Day of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade, which is celebrated on 27 January in memory of the first successfully completed combat mission.

In front of the ceremonial formation of the unit members, holiday greetings were read, work results in the recent period summarized and awards presented to the best individuals, after which wreaths were laid in the Brigade’s memorial room.

Looking back on the results achieved in the year behind us — marked by strengthening further the unit's capabilities primarily through implementation of Project 5000 and acquiring continuously modern weapons and military equipment — it has been pointed out that members of the 72nd Brigade successfully carried out all assigned tasks, showing excellent skills, high morale and professionalism.

The ceremony has been attended by heads of directorates of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, former Brigade commanders, representatives of the units of the Ministry of Defense and Serbian Armed Forces, Serbian Orthodox Church, local government bodies, Ministry of Internal Affairs, veterans' associations and institutions with which the unit cooperates.

The Saint Patron Day of the unit, Day of Saint Sava (first Serbian archbishop) has also been celebrated in the 72nd Special Operations Brigade today.

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