Visit of the Guard of the Serbian Armed Forces

Friday, 16.10.2020 | Stories from Units
The Minister of Defence, Aleksandar Vulin, visited today members of the Guard of the Serbian Army in the "Dedinje" barracks who are engaged in giving military honours and securing facilities of vital importance for the defence system.

During today’s visit, the Minister of Defence was shown vehicles and motorcycles from this unit’s motor park, and the Minister visited the tactical and materiel collection of the armament of the Guard of the Serbian Armed Forces.
— Members of our Guard are what our guests see first. With their behaviour, appearance and training, members of the Guard show how trained and equipped they are. When guests come from abroad, we proudly show them these young men and women, but they are not just a unit for giving military honours — unlike many other militaries, they are a unit that can fight, a unit that has a rich war history and a unit that constantly prepares to protect its country — stated the Minister Vulin.

According to the Minister of Defence, investments have been made into the better equipment of the Guard, the means that they use, and these investments will be carried on in the future. 

— They are not just the most handsome and the tallest, they are also fighters and members of the Armed Forces that are always able and willing to defend their country and their people — Minister Vulin said.

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