Greetings by Supreme Commander of Serbian Armed Forces and President of Republic on Occasion of Military Veterans Day

Friday, 2.12.2022 | Culture and traditions


G R E E T I N G S 
On the Occasion of 04 December – Military Veterans Day

I wish to congratulate all military veterans on 04 December – Military Veterans Day.

The Military Veterans Day was established in memory of the day when the armistice was signed in the First Balkan War. Continuing the tradition of old warriors of the Royal Serbian Army, selection of this date for the Military Veterans Day ensured continuity with veterans from the period of 1912 when the Kingdom of Serbia, as a modern state, employed part of its population and all its material and financial reserves in the war, forming the Balkan League with its neighbors.

We are grateful to all generations of our warriors who would leave their houses and estates overnight to put on their honorable uniforms and defend what we consider the most sacred at the present time as well. Our entire history was a long road to freedom full of hardship and struggle to preserve it. Regardless of the century they lived in and defended their households, our soldiers trod the path of victory, so that Serbia could rise again, proud and free, as it has always been. You are the pride of this country and people, a role model for the generations that respect courage, patriotism, and a sense of dignity while wearing the uniform and coat of arms of Serbia.

Following in such footsteps, we continue to fight for Serbia, now in a different manner, so that you could see that your sacrifices and efforts were not in vain, and in order for you to know that all our children have a future in a free, sovereign state, which is rapidly developing and progressing.

Thanks to you who are here, and to those who are unfortunately not with us any more, we are free people today, and for that very reason it is our duty not only to evoke the memory of and pay respects to brave fighters and heroes, who participated in all wars and combat operations for the liberation of Serbia, but also to show in all spheres of life and work our care for military veterans.

I wish to congratulate you on your jubilee and promise that Serbia will never give up the struggle for a better future, and will always remember and bow respectfully to your sacrifices.

Aleksandar Vučić

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