Training of Engineer Corps in 1st Army Brigade

Thursday, 5.1.2023 | Training
At the SAF training and exercise areas, members of the 1st Army Brigade are currently undergoing collective training for performing multi-purpose engineer tasks.

The serving personnel of the Engineer Battalion, which forms part of this Brigade, are involved in the training activities aiming to maintain a high level of skills needed to undertake engineer and anti-engineer actions while conducting Army operations. 

During field training, soldiers and officers are faced with a number of assignments performed by engineer units on operations, such as setting up barriers, overcoming mine obstacles, maintaining clear communication routes and fortifications. The soldiers performing military service since September 2022, who have previously gone through individual engineer training, are also actively involved in the training process. 

The continued training of soldiers and officers of the Engineer Corps, conducted in cycles throughout the year, ensures that the engineer units are sufficiently skilled and ready to perform the assigned tasks in all three missions of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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