International UN Military Observers Course

Monday, 25.9.2023 | Training
An international UN military observers course has been held at the “South” Base near Bujanovac this month, and it was attended by officers of the Serbian Armed Forces and armed forces from eight African and European states.

The training activity was carried out in accordance with UN procedures and standards, in order for officers to be fully qualified to work as military observers on peacekeeping operations under the auspices of this international organization.

During the three-week training, participants were introduced to valid standard operating procedures and most important aspects of the functioning of peacekeeping missions, and they had the opportunity to get practical training for working at observation posts, performing ground and air reconnaissance and to improve negotiation skills and techniques.

The course was organized by the Peacekeeping Operations Center, and the lessons were delivered by a team of instructors from the Ministry of Defense and Serbian Armed Forces General Staff with the support of the SAF operational commands and engagement of instructors from partner training centers from Austria, Greece, Hungary and Germany, as well as visiting lecturers from the International Committee of the Red Cross, Red Cross of Serbia and specialized UN agencies for refugees and children.

Since 2017, the Peacekeeping Operations Center has been certified by the United Nations Integrated Training Service to conduct this course. Large international interest in participating in the course is a confirmation of the quality of training and preparations the Serbian Armed Forces conduct for the requirements of participating in peacekeeping operations.

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