Residents of Remote Mountain Villages Receive Help

Tuesday, 11.6.2024 | CIMIC
As part of the CIMIC activities intended to make possible for a better life of the population and strengthen cooperation and confidence at the local level, members of the Serbian Armed Forces are providing assistance to citizens living in inaccessible mountainous regions of our country.

Last week, representatives of the Serbian Armed Forces visited two families in remote villages in the territory of the Kuršumlija Municipality and handed them packages with basic supplies.

A similar activity was carried out during a joint tactical exercise on the Pešter Plateau, in April this year, when members of the Serbian Armed Forces provided aid to a multi-member family in the village of Ursule near Sjenica.

In cooperation with local governments and Red Cross of Serbia, the Serbian Armed Forces’ units often implement CIMIC projects aimed at helping citizens in remote mountain villages, who, due to poor road infrastructure, have difficulty obtaining basic necessities and reaching the health care system.

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