Combat Crews Undergo Training

Monday, 10.4.2023 | Training
Last week, the 250th Air Defense Missile Brigade battalion armed with the artillery-missile system “Pantsir S1” conducted tactical drills for the crews of this modern combat asset.

Such drills form an important part of the serving personnel’s practical training for combat engagement and basic technical maintenance of the combat systems. In fact, they increase the overall abilities of the unit to provide air defense of SAF forces, important facilities and areas from reconnaissance and aerial attacks.

During the training ground activities which took several days, the combat crews went through all the contents referring to the tactical use of the “Pantsir”, keeping the focus on how to perfect the tactical procedures while emplacing and switching the system into different levels of combat readiness. In addition to individual training, that was the way to enhance teamwork and speed of reaction as well, which is instrumental in neutralizing aerial threats.

The artillery-missile air defense system “Pantsir S1” is one of the most modern systems of its kind. Its integration into the air defense system resulted in greater firepower and maneuver capabilities of the 250th Air Defense Missile Brigade and overall SAF capabilities for controlling and protecting the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.

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