Training Command’s Rapid Response Unit Undergoes Evaluation

Wednesday, 22.3.2023 | Training
A Training Command unit, whose role is to respond rapidly in case of any threats to facilities, has conducted a live-fire tactical exercise at Training Ground "Peskovi" near Požarevac.

The aim of the exercise was to test this component’s tactical and firearms skills in providing a rapid response in case of attacks on a detached military facility.

First of all, during the exercise activities, the unit members conducted a march with full combat gear, after which they carried out different tasks at the tactical training ground and performed live firing using infantry weapons.

Automatic and sniper rifles were used, as well as light machine-guns and man-portable missile launchers. Successful firing and presented tactical work indicate that the rapid response unit is ready to react quickly and efficiently, if required, to any threat to military property and facilities.

Live-fire tactical exercises represent an important form of practical training in the Serbian Armed Forces during which exercise units, in real scenarios of combat situations, demonstrate their abilities to apply standard procedures adopted through training. Conducting such exercises enhances the commands’ and units’ capabilities for performing the assigned missions and tasks.

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