Specialist Training of Infantrymen and Engineer Corps

Monday, 12.2.2024 | Training
The “December 2023” intake of soldiers on voluntary military service who have been training for infantry and engineer specialties over the last week conducted practical training at the “Peskovi” Training Ground near Požarevac.

During the training ground activities which took several days, soldiers perfected their knowledge and skills acquired at the Army Training Center, where they are spending this period of military service. Concurrently, they are adapting to the implementation of tasks and organization of life and work in field conditions.

In accordance with their specialties, infantry soldiers performed all preparatory firing from branch-specific weapons and learned how to carry out tactical missions independently, moving properly on the battlefield, while engineers conducted exercises with mines and explosive ordnance, in order to master handling stick and electrical means for activating explosive charge, and for placing and removing mines.

After returning from the field, this class of soldiers is supposed to attend the final part of specialist training and have their individual skills evaluated, after which they will be transferred to the Serbian Armed Forces units for a three-month collective training.

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