Serbian Armed Forces Undergo Regular Training in Ground Safety Zone

Wednesday, 31.8.2022 | Training
Members of the Serbian Armed Forces are undergoing training in order to maintain and increase readiness for carrying out specific tasks. The training is being conducted in the bases and detached posts as part of regular activities.

Training is carried out for the purpose of maintaining a high level of combat readiness of the SAF units engaged in the control of the Ground Safety Zone and securing the administrative boundary in order to ensure a peaceful and safe environment along the administrative boundary with Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija, if the need arises.

During the training in the base, SAF members undergo different types of training but special attention is given to training in combat operations in the event of an attack against the Serbian Armed Forces, as well as tactics, techniques and procedures used to prevent illegal crossings, extremist groups’ and organized crime activities. 

Members of the Serbian Armed Forces deployed along the administrative boundary with Kosovo and Metohija, conduct training throughout the year, both before deployment and during the implementation of tasks in the Ground Safety Zone, which ensures a high level of capability for response to all challenges, risks and threats in their area of responsibility.

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