SAF Tank Units Receive Training

Monday, 6.3.2023 | Training
In SAF tank units, professional personnel and soldiers performing voluntary military service are receiving intense training in using M-84 tanks in combat.

During the training activity which takes place in the deployment areas, at SAF training and exercise areas, soldiers on military service and SAF professional members are being prepared for the armored units' duties according to their military occupational specialties. Concurrently, the tank crews are upgrading their skills in performing intended tasks.

Namely, the tank crews are expected to acquire all tactical procedures applied in offensive and defensive combat actions such as driving a tank in varied terrain, using the weapons efficiently and maintaining the assemblies and sub-systems of this complex combat asset.

Over the next training stages, the tank crews are to execute preparatory and school firing, followed by tactical exercises and live firing, to test practically their tactical and firearms skills and assess the training quality.

The M-84 tank is a primary combat asset in the Army brigades’ tank battalions which, thanks to their mobility, strike force and armored tank protection, play a critical role and importance on SAF combat operations. Continuous training made possible for all crews to reach the required training standards, that is, for SAF armored units to achieve a high level of combat readiness.

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