Training for Peacekeeping Operations Staff Officers

Monday, 5.12.2022 | Training
An International UN Staff Officer Course has been conducted at “South” Base near Bujanovac over the last three weeks. It has been attended by members of the Serbian Armed Forces, Ministry of the Interior and armed forces from eight foreign countries.

The Course has been organized by the Peacekeeping Operations Centre, Operations Directorate, Serbian Armed Forces General Staff; its participants underwent a three weeks’ training for performing staff duties in peacekeeping operations in line with UN procedures and standards.

The training curriculum was designed so as to encompass the basic aspects of functioning of UN integrated missions, familiarization with the planning process in the military component of the mission, staff duties and procedures. The focus was kept, to a large extent, on discussing the experience drawn from participation in the current peacekeeping operations.

Since 2015, the Peacekeeping Operations Centre has been UN certified for conducting this course. A large international interest in participation in the Course is confirmation of the quality of training and preparations made by SAF for the purpose of taking part in peacekeeping operations.

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