Evaluation of Soldiers’ Training Proficiency

Wednesday, 10.1.2024 | Training
The evaluation of the individual specialist skills of the youngest soldiers performing voluntary military service is being conducted this week in the SAF’s Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac Training Centres.

The objective of this evaluation, the first one for soldiers of the December 2023 generation, is to assess their ability to independently perform tactical actions and procedures on the battlefield, properly handle weapons and military equipment and provide internal security and facilities protection.    

On the first day, soldiers solve tasks from tactical training, while on the second day, the evaluation of knowledge, abilities and skills of using weapons and military equipment is planned, as well as proficiency in executing close-order drill and knowledge of the Rules of Service of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Upon completion of the evaluation, the soldiers will be transferred to specialized training centres, where they will be trained for military specialties for which they were recruited, and then assigned to the Serbian Armed Forces units, where they will spend the remainder of their military service doing collective training.

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