Telecommunication Service Soldiers’ Training in Signal Brigade

Thursday, 28.7.2022 | Training
Having completed successfully their individual training at the Training Command centres, some soldiers of the telecommunication service, March 2022 intake, continue to perform their military service in the Signal Brigade units.

In this brigade, soldiers learn how to perform the roles of radio-teleprinters, telephone-line operators and radio-relay operators as well as collective tasks in SAF signal units.

The training is delivered in specially equipped study rooms and field conditions, with the focus on putting up the elements of telecommunication stations, establishing the lines and checking their quality in the planned radio-networks. Except for specialist training of the telecommunications service, soldiers go through tactical, fire, engineer and medical training contents. 

Many of them will become professional soldiers, finding the experience obtained from their military service in the Signal Brigade very useful for their military duties of providing uninterrupted telecommunication and information system in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces.

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