Engagement of Serbian Armed Forces in Road Reconstruction

Monday, 12.9.2022 | Training
Since late August, members of the Serbian Armed Forces have been engaged in repairing and reconstructing local roads in the village of Dubnica near Vranje.

Works are being carried out by an engineer task force, 4th Army Brigade, using modern machines the unit has been equipped with in recent years.

Local roads are being widened, damage repaired, tree trunks and undergrowth removed on critical parts at the planned rate, providing residents with unhindered use of road communications and access to local medieval churches.

Performing road reconstruction works is a form of training of road engineering units conducted in real conditions. It is intended to enhance further their competence for being engaged on operations and for performing intended tasks. 

SAF members are often involved in building and arranging roads, primarily in the Ground Safety Zone. Apart from providing assistance to the locals, this is also a way to create conditions for uninterrupted manoeuvre and movement of SAF units and other security forces in this part of the country.

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