Soldiers Train in River Flotilla Units

Tuesday, 19.4.2022 | Training
Soldiers class "December 2021" doing second part of their military service in River Flotilla units are currently undergoing training on the Danube River in the vicinity of Belgrade and Novi Sad. 

Soldiers embarked on river ships are training for ship crew, signaler and artillery duties. At this point, training activities are being executed in an anchorage preparing them fully for battle station tasks performed while navigating a ship and executing program shootings.

The training program stipulates that soldiers should acquire skills in proper handling of deck weapons and assignments, operating and maintaining artillery guns, transmitting and receiving ship movement signals and communicating in joint navigation.

Brown-water navy soldiers spend three-quarters of their military service embarked on River Flotilla vessels to adapt themselves to specific life onboard and master complex training contents requiring maximum focus and teamwork.

It is the commitment of commanders, instructors and crew-members that ensures soldiers’ quick adaptation to life onboard, and for that reason many of them are willing to become professional members of SAF riverine units upon completion of their military service.

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