Execution of MP Training

Tuesday, 19.3.2024 | Training
In the military police units of the Army, service personnel are currently undergoing intensive MP training using the newly introduced assets and equipment.

The goal is to prepare officers and soldiers to respond properly in high-risk situations and improve the MP units’ abilities to execute assigned missions and tasks.

The focus is kept on refining the tactics and procedures while providing counter-terrorist security, securing areas and routes and protecting certain persons and military facilities, taking appropriate measures, actions and exercising MP authority.

These units are intended to fulfill executive MP duties and general security duties in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces. They are equipped with modern assets and weapons of domestic and foreign production, which, together with the continuous training process, high morale and commitment of the professional component, ensures their ability to carry out efficiently the affairs and tasks stipulated by law, other regulations and commanders' orders.

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