Combat Training of Army Units

Tuesday, 13.2.2024 | Training
Some infantry and armored units of the Army have carried out regular combat training in field conditions at the Training Ground “Pasuljanske Livade”.

Training was organized with the aim of improving the skills in using these units’ critical weapons in combat, as well as interoperability of forces while conducting operations of the Serbian Armed Forces at the tactical level.

During the field activities which took several days, they refined defensive and offensive actions and procedures, executing also live firing. They delivered fire using tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, anti-tank launchers, armored reconnaissance vehicles and multi-purpose combat vehicles used by infantry and reconnaissance units.

All the time, their tactical and firearms skills were checked and evaluated, and the effect of fire on the target was monitored in real time with the use of modern means of observation and data gathering from ground and air.

Implementing the training activity successfully meant improving the competence of exercising units. This was also an opportunity to check the support forces that ensured the continuity of signals, transport and proper functioning of materiel, as well as the conditions for accommodating and feeding the engaged personnel.

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