Training of Soldiers of the Infantry Specialty

Monday, 3.8.2020 | Training
Intensive individual training of soldiers of the infantry specialty who started their military service in June this year is underway on the training grounds and training grounds in the barracks „Field Marshal Živojin Mišić“ in Valjevo.

It is a specialist training, during which soldiers are performing tactical actions within the group and department in attack and defense and also tasks as part of a reconnaissance patrol. The training program envisages that the soldiers will master the handling of a machine gun, a hand-held rocket launcher, a semi-automatic, automatic pistol, and a sniper rifle.

Soldiers had previously, during basic individual training, passed the contents of tactical and machine training, learning about the characteristics of personal weapons, and trained to take protective measures and provide proper first aid.

In the next period, the soldiers will realize combat shootings from various infantry weapons and physical testing, when they will demonstrate the current state of training and psychophysical abilities to perform tasks in conditions of increased stress.

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