Dress Rehearsal of the Demonstration of Capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior “Defence of Freedom”

Wednesday, 8.5.2019 | Stories from Units

Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin, Vice President of the Government and Minister of Internal Affairs Nebojša Stefanović and Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Milan Mojsilović attended today a preparedness check held in Niš for the demonstration of capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interiror “Defence of Freedom”.

At today’s general rehearsal, ministers Vulin and Stefanović and General Mojsilović had an opportunity to make sure that more than 4000 soldiers and policemen, as well as the equipment and armaments were ready for the upcoming demonstration to be held on that place on Friday, 10th May.
According to the display Commander Brigadier General Vladeta Baltić, the rehearsal for the joint demonstration of capabilities of the military and police to mark the Day of Victory started on Saturday.
- I am rather satisfied with achieved level of preparations, and today, you have had an opportunity to see how the demonstration of the capabilities is going to look like. The preparations go as planned, and till Friday, there are some details to rehearse and correct, so that everything will be in order – General Baltić stressed.
The display Commander announced that on Friday, 10th May, the Niš Boulevard would be a venue where infantry and motorised echelons would conduct a march-past, and the programme envisages a flyрast of an Air Force echelon and parachute jumps.
- Citizens of Serbia will see the military and police veterans, and I am confident that they will enjoy in the drill presented by the Guard of the Serbian Armed Forces – General Baltić undersocored.
Along with the participation of some 300 combat and non-combat vehicles and systems and some 40 aircraft, on that day, in Niš, the citizens will also see combat infantry vehicles, tanks, combat vehicles “Hammer”, artillery systems “Oganj”, fighting vehicles “Lazar”, artillery weapons “Nora”, AD systems, armoured vehicles of the Gendarmerie, police vehicles, assets developed by Serbian defence industry companies “Šumadija”, “Alas”, “Miloš”, “Oganj modular”, “Oganj digital”, “Pasars” and modern arms and equipment for the projects “1500” and “1500+”.
The preparation, organisation and execution of the demonstration is responsibility of the Army Commander Lieutenant General Milosav Simović, and demonstration commander is Deputy Army Commander Brigadier General Vladeta Baltić, while the responsible officer on behalf of the MI is Gendarmerie Commander, Police Colonel Dejan Luković.

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