March Class Undergoes Field Training

Wednesday, 17.5.2023 | Training
Soldiers performing voluntary military service since March 2023 who are being trained as infantrymen and artillerymen have completed their practical training at the “Pasuljanske Livade” Training Ground.

For several days, during field activities, soldiers improved their knowledge and skills acquired at the Army Training Centre, which is the place where they spend this part of their military service. At the training ground, they got to know the organization of life and work in field conditions and learned how to undertake defensive and offensive combat actions. They also executed firing using branch-specific weapons. 

The infantrymen fired from the 82mm and 120mm mortars, while the artillerymen executed firing practices, fire for record and demonstration firing using the self-propelled howitzers “Gvozdika”. They scored very good and excellent results, which shows that the soldiers undertook this task with discipline, responsibility and motivation, and that they are trained to carry out basic fire missions. 

As they return from the field, soldiers are supposed to undergo final part of individual specialized training and assessment of their skills in performing tactical missions and using branch-specific weapons in combat. Subsequently, they will be transferred to SAF units for collective training.

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