Promotion of New Class of NCOs

Friday, 27.10.2023 | Stories from Units
A military ceremony has been held at the Guard’s Club in Belgrade, today, on the occasion of participants of the Basic NCO Course, 22nd class, being admitted to professional military service as NCOs.

62 participants of the Basic Course were admitted to professional military service as NCOs, with the rank of sergeant, having successfully mastered the training program for initial NCO duties in SAF units.

During six-month training, they trained to command a group, a team and a squad, gaining first experience in performing basic NCO duties and becoming practically familiar with the tasks, responsibilities and organization of work in a squad, so that they could fully respond to the tasks awaiting them at their workplaces upon joining SAF as officers.

The best among them - sergeants Nemanja Radenković, Bojan Agatonović and Nemanja Bogišić - were presented with awards for achieving excellent results at this course.

The ceremony has been attended by representatives of the Ministry of Defense and Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, the most responsible officers and sergeant majors of the SAF operational components and units, as well as relatives and friends of the NCOs promoted today.

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