Education of Students about Risks of Using Pyrotechnic Devices

Friday, 29.12.2023 | CIMIC
As part of the civil-military cooperation project “Military Pyrotechnician in Primary School”, members of the Serbian Armed Forces, in cooperation with representatives of the Red Cross, conducted educational lectures on the risks of using pyrotechnic devices.

The project is implemented in anticipation of the New Year and Christmas holidays, when the use of these devices is very frequent, and this time it has been conducted in primary schools in the territory of Gornji Milanovac, Kuršumlija, Prokuplje and Belgrade municipalities of Vračar, Rakovica, Sopot, Stari Grad and Čukarica.

The lectures were conducted by officers of the Technical Service - ordnance specialists, who introduced elementary school students to the dangers of firecrackers, fireworks, torches and other explosive devices, as well as the proper procedure in case of encountering unexploded ordnance. Representatives of the Red Cross explained to the students and showed them how to provide first aid in case of injury.

The goal of the project “Military Pyrotechnician in Primary School”, which is organized every year, is to raise awareness among elementary school students about the dangers of using pyrotechnic devices and thus contribute to the safety of children.

Apart from this project, the Serbian Armed Forces implement a number of other CIMIC activities, with the aim of strengthening mutual confidence and improving the safety and quality of life of the citizens of the Republic of Serbia.

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