Reserve Component Undergoes Training in SAF Units

Monday, 15.5.2023 | Training
The reserve personnel have been undergoing their branch/service-specific training in the Army and Training Command units for several days. 

This activity takes place according to the reserve personnel’s annual summons and training plan and is intended for them to brush upon what they learned while on military service, as well as to learn how to handle the assets currently used by the Serbian Armed Forces.

Actually, there are reserve infantrymen and reserve artillerymen training to use their branch-specific weapons in combat, as well as reserve logisticians practicing how to perform the crews’ duties and maintain arms and military equipment, to include general logistics, medical care and transportation roles.

Except for acquiring branch/service-specific knowledge, the training program also entails firearms, close-order and physical training, focusing on executing firing from personal weapons.

Implementation of such training, which goes in cycles throughout the year, leads to the improvement of not only the reserve component's skills needed to perform independently intended tasks, but also the overall combat readiness of SAF war units.

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