Regular Rotation of SAF Units in Peacekeeping Operation

Monday, 18.3.2024 | Multinational Operations
A Training Command unit of the Serbian Armed Forces, which had been deployed with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) since last September, returned to the Republic of Serbia after completing successfully its deployment.

In the mission, this platoon-level unit had been performing the tasks of securing the base where the Italian contingent of the UN peacekeeping forces was located, and it was replaced by another force protection platoon from the Serbian Armed Forces, deployed to the Area of Operation in early March.

In the complex security conditions in Lebanon, officers and soldiers performed all tasks responsibly and professionally, which is typical of members of the Serbian Armed Forces, who regularly receive the highest marks and praise from foreign partners for their engagement in peacekeeping operations.

The rotation of the units was conducted at the United Nations base in Lebanon, in the presence of the commander of the sector in which the force protection platoon is engaged, and at a ceremony held on that occasion, members of the Serbian Armed Forces were presented with United Nations medals for successful participation in the mission and contribution to building and safeguarding peace.

The Serbian Armed Forces have been participating in the peacekeeping operation in Lebanon since 2010, and, in addition to the force protection platoon, an infantry company, staff officers and a group of specialists responsible for supporting our contingent are currently engaged in this operation.

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